Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coming Soon...

My newest creation. I am starting an online store to sell Lightroom presets and texture overlays.  I am a big fan of using Lightroom for faster work flow with minimal touch ups in Photoshop.  This has cut down my editing time significantly.  In this process over the last few years still trying to cut down my work time so I can spend more time with my son, I started creating my own LR presets.  I have spent hundreds of dollars purchasing other peoples presets and have not found any I can use right out of the box.  I have developed over 100 presets that I can use as is with minimal adjustment and some with very creative fun finishes for both JPEG and RAW files, specifically for portrait photography.  I have also for many of the same reasons developed almost as many texture overlays to use in Photoshop.
So if you've found me already, stay tuned and the downloads should be available soon... hopefully in the next month or two. :)